Stations of the Cross
The central mystery of the Christian Faith is the triumph of Jesus over sin through his Death on the Cross and his Resurrection. Christ's victory, and its saving power are as real now as they were on the first Good Friday and Easter Day. His power fills Christians in their praying and living. His Death and Resurrection are proclaimed in the Eucharist.

As well as claiming the victory of Christ in these great events, Christians have meditated on the cost to Jesus of his love. On the Way of the Cross he suffered physical pain and degradation as well as emotional and mental anguish. The tradition of tracing Christ's route through the streets of Jerusalem has spread to the whole Church in the devotion we call Stations of the Cross. The pictures along the route, the readings and the prayers all help us to enter in spirit the events of Good Friday. As we meditate on the cost to Jesus of love and obedience to God, we pray for those who suffer; count the cost of our own obedience as we take up our Cross and follow Jesus; and show our sorrow for the pain we bring into the world through our own sin.

Jesus our Saviour, we kneel before you asking your mercy for ourselves and for your whole Church, living and departed. As we follow you on the way of the cross and consider your sufferings, give us some share in all its merits. This road we intend to follow was marked by your sweat and blood, it saw you despised and rejected by men. Give us the spirit of true penitence, and help us to receive with joy all the crosses and humiliations which come to us during our pilgrimage through life, knowing that we are following you.